The Lixil Water Technologies Beauty In Motion tour by VFI Marketing is a mobile marketing campaign designed to showcase products from American Standard, DXV and Grohe in an exciting, interactive way.  Launching in the summer of 2016, two custom mobile showrooms were created to travel to hundreds of events all across North America, giving guests an up-close look at the latest innovations from these three great Lixil brands.  Using interactive kiosks and the latest guest-tracking technology, we were able to provide an engaging experience for guests while gleaning quantitative and qualitative metrics to analyze attendance, guest flow and specific product display interest levels.

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The DXV Experience of a Lifetime Challenge is an exciting incentive campaign designed to stengthen engagement between DXV's sales force and their brand, by rewarding pariticpants with unforgettable experiences.  Sales representatives participating in the challenge log their sales for a chance to win monthly awards and the grand prize - a luxury vacation experience at the exciting destination of their choice.

For the Elkay Heart of the Home Tour, VFI Marketing assisted Elkay, a leading cabinet manufacturer and the world’s largest stainless steel sink manufacturer, create a hands-on training / educational mobile marketing tour showcasing its cabinet brands. The tour focused on engaging its retail and wholesale customers and driving sales in its partner channels. After four successful months, the tour was expanded to run for eight months the following year.


Key Stats:

  • Total Events: 65 Events

  • Tour Length: 16 Weeks

  • Brand Impressions: 850,000

  • Customer Engagements: 1,900+

  • Tour traveled through 30 states in the United States

One of the most recognized and respected brands in home beauty care, Conair took its newest salon hair product, Curl Secret, directly to consumers at some of the nation’s top retailers. VFI Marketing helped Conair create an inviting mobile salon experience, giving consumers a  personal demonstration right at the venues where they can immediately buy the product.


Key Stats:

  • 51 Total Events (11 Corporate HQ Events, 40 Retail Events)

  • Total Miles Traveled: 7,790

  • Total Brand Impressions: 716,650

  • Road/Travel Impressions: 622,000

  • Event Location Impressions: 94,650

  • Event Attendance: 10,941

  • Event Engagements: 8,491

  • Product Demonstrations: 1,839

The Armstrong Destination: Great Spaces Tour showcases Armstrong’s newest ceiling products to create a highly engaging, interactive experience right at the doorsteps of its channel partners. The tour visits large architectural firms and dealers/distributors of Armstrong’s product throughout the United States. The custom-built mobile unit allows guests to walk through various environments while experiencing and engaging with products.


Key Stats:

  • Total Events: 203 Customer events

  • Tour Length: 26 Weeks

  • Brand Impressions: 1.97 Million

  • Key Decision-Maker Engagements: 2,500+

  • Tour traveled through 26 states in the United States in its first year, and expanded to  include Canada in its second year.

A world leader in physical infrastructure solutions that support power, communications and security systems, Panduit launched their first Power of Panduit Tour with VFI Marketing in March 2013.   Entering its third year, the tour has held over 1,000 events and has been instrumental in introducing and reinforcing new and existing products to Panduit’s customer base, as well as increasing the number and size of new orders.


Key Stats:

  • Total Events: 254

  • Tour Length: 11 months

  • Brand Impressions: 3.15 million

  • Customer  Engagements: 7,000

  • Tour traveled through 46 states of the United States and 6 Provinces in Canada

One of the top 100 industrial companies in the world, CertainTeed/Saint Gobain employs over 109,000 people with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. CertainTeed instituted a trial program in the experiential marketing realm in early 2012. The initial goals were to engage, educate, train, and inspire their channel partners and their customers on CertainTeed’s vast product lines. With continued client requests, high ROI and word of mouth within their industry, CertainTeed’s mobile fleet increased from 1 unit to 8 units in just over 3 years.


Key Stats:

  • Total Events: 295 Events

  • Tour Length: 12 months (ongoing)

  • Brand Impressions: 4.1 Million

  • Number of engagements: 6,500+

  • Tour Traveled Through 48 states in the United States and 3 provinces in Canada

American Standard turned to VFI Marketing to create a multi-faceted campaign tour designed to engage guests on both a B2B and B2C level. The tour had three main objectives: to train dealers/distributors on new products; to engage and convert contractor community into loyal channel partners; and to captivate and guide consumers to make purchases of American Standard products. The initial 3-month trial program turned into a successful 10+ year campaign spanning five differing tours.


Key Stats:

  • Total Events: 296 events

  • Engaged over 19,000 key contacts

  • Produced over 6,400 contractor certifications

  • Sales increased by over 230% on tour featured products

  • Captured 8.6 million customer impressions

  • Produced over $1 million in FREE advertising

    • 251 TV segments

    • 64 Newspaper articles

    • 136 Online articles

    • 14 Radio spots

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